What is employee onboarding

Employee onboarding refers to the process in which the new employee is introduced to your company, learns about the company’s policies, procedures, and culture, and learns how to perform their job. In this blog post, we will explore the process of employee onboarding and give some tips on how to implement an effective onboarding program.

Onboarding process

Companies have traditionally invested in recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees. However, as companies gain strategic advantages through technology, they have also been able to disrupt and redefine the onboarding process.
Onboarding has traditionally consisted of online onboarding, in-person onboarding, and the Meaning of onboarding process.
However, there has been a recent push towards using technology to improve the onboarding process.
For example, companies such as Slack, Adobe, and Shopify before handing out company devices, allow new hires to complete a digital onboarding process.
Companies such as IBM and Accenture use technology to allow new hires to begin receiving work-based learning content immediately.
According to Accenture, 50% of companies have adopted video for onboarding,
30% have adopted personalized learning for onboarding,
23% have adopted internal social collaboration for onboarding,
21% have adopted e-learning for onboarding, and
18% have adopted employee portals for onboarding.

There are four key steps in the employee onboarding process: assessing needs, recruiting candidates, interviewing candidates, and onboarding new employees.
The first step is to evaluate the needs of your business. For example, you may need someone for customer service, a sales representative, or a graphic designer. This step is called the needs assessment.
Next, you need to find the candidates for job openings. These candidates can either be internal employees or external applicants.
Once you have a list of candidates, you need to interview them. You can either do phone or in-person interviews.

Finally, you need to onboard the new employees. This first step is called orientation.
 The onboarding process can include a variety of activities, such as:
-Training new employees on the company’s policies and procedures
-Introducing new employees to the company’s culture and team
-Providing new employees with resources, such as training materials, software, and templates
-Providing new employees with opportunities to get involved in the company’s activities

The onboarding process is an important part of the job hiring process, and it’s important to make sure it’s done well. If done successfully, the onboarding process can make the transition from employee to teammate smoother, and help new employees feel comfortable and supported in the company.

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