Understanding the TF2 Heavy Weapons

Understanding the TF2 Heavy Weapons

The entire group will depend on your expertise as a Heavy and anticipating that you should cause heaps of harm to the foe. To not dishearten them you truly do have to utilize every weapon accurately and to its fullest potential.

As you most likely are aware, the Heavy conveys a shotgun, minigun and fisticuffs. The following are a couple of ways to utilize each of these alongside data concerning un-lockable weapons.


The minigun was intended to be utilized when near the foe or inside medium reach. In the event that utilized over lengthy reach it will lose a ton of its 300 prc ammoand you will no doubt be squandering shots. It is exceptionally strong and thought about the fundamental weapon for the Heavy however it has one weakness.

While utilizing the minigun you will move considerably more slow than typical making you a simpler objective for the foe.

Besides it requires a second for it to turn and fire.

In any case, its capacity to fire quickly once it begins can take out a significant number of the foe rapidly or at any rate hold them off while your colleagues strike.

It’s likewise an extraordinary weapon to utilize to snare your foe.


The shotgun is the elective weapon for the minigun and ought to be utilized just when the minigun isn’t a choice or when you don’t need to time to hang tight for it to fire up. It is adequately strong to assist you with protecting yourself and take out the adversary particularly in the event that they’re as of now powerless.

Clench hands

Presently you probably won’t ponder your clench hands being a weapon however they can be. In addition, it tends to be extremely engaging utilizing your clench hand to bring down a foe. Utilizing an uppercut can cause harm up to 200 focuses and each punch is perceived as a basic and 100 harm focuses. To utilize your clench hands effectively you really do should be directly before the foe and have an incredible shot with nothing impeding your hit.

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