Our top picks: The best cats for kids

Known for their easy going nature,  An affectionate breed, American Shorthair cats are known for being friendly, laid-back, and gentle pets. Built for family life, these sweet kitties are low-maintenance and tend to get along well with  wildlife animal blogging

   cannot be home for several hours a day. They also live long lives, which means they’ll be part of your family for the long-haul. 

With their easy going temperament, they make excellent family pets for households with children, and they particularly love interactive play with their humans. They’re one of the most popular cat breeds, and an excellent choice for first-time cat parents. 

 cats love their humans and thrive on interactive play. As one of the most affectionate cat breeds around, they love to be held and will often greet their humans at the door and follow them around at home. They tend to be fairly large and have bright blue eyes, and they’re known to collapse into the arms of the person holding them – just like a ragdoll. 

Not only are Ragdoll cats able to keep up with active kids, but they really enjoy the attention. Ragdoll cats are a top option for homes with children, as they’re gentle, docile, and are unlikely to cause any harm to children, even babies. 

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