How to Service the RX Motor in Your Scalextric Car


The RX engine was fitted to most Scalextric vehicles from the 1960s. For your Scalextric vehicle’s RX engine to give the most ideal exhibition it must be in the most ideal wellbeing. Really giving the greatest force for the electrical power that anyone could hope to find to it. For any electrical engine to give its best 3 key regions should be thought of; the mechanical state of the engine, the electrical state of the engine and the attractive state of the engine.


Precisely the RX engine should be in the most ideal condition to guarantee that no energy is lost and the engine can move all of the produced force to the back hub. To do this few regions should be explored:

Check and guarantee that every one of the parts are, first and foremost, present and intact. All absent or harmed parts must should be supplanted.

Check and guarantee the engine armature turns linear screw actuator with no scouring or difficult situations. This could be brought about by absent or harmed direction or a harmed engine lodging.

Audit the engine pinion gear and guarantee all the stuff teeth are in great shape. Supplant the pinion gear on the off chance that gear teeth harm is found.

Add a drop of oil to every one of the bearing felt cushions.

Guarantee the brush spring sleeve is available and in great shape. Supplant if vital.


There are numerous electrical associations and contacts utilized on the RX engine. Every one of these should be in great shape to guarantee the best exhibition of the engine. To do this few regions should be evaluated:

Right off the bat check and guarantee that the weld joint between the wire from the get brush and the eyelet that fits over the brush spring sleeve is finished and sound. Supplant or change this joint assuming any of the wire strands are broken or not connecting.

Investigate the eyelet for any soil or metal oxides that might have shaped throughout the long term. Clean the brush spring back to clean gleaming metal where it contacts the engine brush.

Assess the brush spring for any soil or metal oxides that might have shaped throughout the long term. Clean the brush spring back to clean sparkling metal where it contacts the engine brush and the screw that gets the magnet.

Investigate and clean the engine brushes eliminating any soil, oil and carbon stores. Guarantee the carbon block is available and safely joined to the metal strip. Clean the engine sweeps back to clean gleaming metal where they contact the brush spring and eyelet.

Eliminate any soil, oil and carbon stores from between the commutator portions of the armature.

Eliminate any soil, oil and carbon stores from the commutator.

Actually take a look at the three weld joints that protected the armature windings to the commutator, redo these joints if vital.


The attractive field utilized by the RX engine is given by a long-lasting magnet at the back of the engine. The attractive field arrives at the beyond the armature by the utilization of steel plates that are additionally utilized as the lodging for the engine. To guarantee the attractive circuit is kept up with the RX engine utilizes different materials to guarantee the attractive field isn’t diminished.

Guarantee the magnet is gotten by the right metal screw.

Guarantee both the steel lodging plates connect with the magnet.

Guarantee the aluminum plate adjoining the magnet is fitted accurately.

Guarantee the metal plate at the commutator end of the engine is fitted accurately.


Through experience we have found that some RX engines actually don’t perform well even with these checks finished. This might be brought about by a feeble magnet or inside harmed armature windings. These flaws are outside the extent of this article. There are numerous other potential deficiencies with the prior vehicles with the open edge engines. This is expected as a basic shortcoming finding guide as it were. On the off chance that the data above doesn’t determine the shortcoming then reach us for additional data.

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